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Meet Dr. Tina Vu (Dentist)

Dentist Springfield Lakes, Dr. Tina VuGrowing up, Dr Tina Vu (Dentist) thought she was going to pursue a career in engineering, as her brother had before her. With a love for academics, a mentor and father figure budged those plans, suggesting that she pursue something in the health industry. Having always been fascinated with dentistry, this idea was the catalyst necessary to spark Dr Tina’s desire to enter the field. In 2008, she received her Bachelor of Dental Science degree from the University of Queensland.

A Personal Approach to Caring for Patients

During her studies, Dr Tina knew straightaway that dentistry was an excellent career choice. As a child, she had seen her mother struggle to have a beautiful smile because of the extensive dental work that she needed. It inspired her to address the health and aesthetic needs of her patients.

“I knew dentistry was right for me when I was able to begin serving patients and feeling the reward of helping people get out of pain,” she says. “It’s genuinely gratifying being able to help people get out of pain and help them to have a beautiful smile.”

It’s for this reason that Dr Tina treats every patient as if he or she is a member of her family.

Outside of the Office

As a mother of two quickly growing children, Dr Tina values the time that she gets to spend with her family outside of work. “I love guiding them through their life, watching them mature into their own,” she says.

She also enjoys tennis, swimming and plenty of fishing on the weekends!

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